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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Times, they are a changing....

The topic of change has been coming up a lot in my life lately. My sons are all growing up, different things are happening, priorities are changing. It is truly an amazing time. Take for instance tonight. Tonight is the first time that I only have my son MJ home with us. His other brother's aren't here. Man, that feels weird! I am so used to there being some type of noise in the house until at least 2 a.m. during the Summer months and now it is super quiet. Sure, it's great to sit and be able to gather my thoughts and write, but it is weird. It was super quiet like this the other night when it was just me and my little guys and it really got me to thinking. My family is changing. Oldest son, will be moving soon(hopefully). Teen headed to college in a year and my not so little guys growing so fast. Me and my husband counting gray hairs, and comparing body aches daily. Benji needing Prozac for his nail-biting and food issues and Gunther still thinking he's the same size as Benji but using his very large head to lift my youngest son off of his feet.

I used to always wonder how it would be when we would be empty-nesters. But, I didn't really dwell on it. It was more like a quick passing thought of, "Man, one day all the boys will be grown". And now those days are coming seemingly quicker and quicker. I am so thankful to watch them grow and be a part of their daily lives. I hear so many people talk about how they never have enough time with their children or spouses because every one is so busy working or doing other things and they look up and one day all the children have moved out and their lives have suddenly, (over time)changed.

We've all heard the sayings:

Change is inevitable
Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes
Everything Must Change
If you don't like something, change it.....

The list goes on and on but, you get the idea.

There are some things however that never seem to change.(at least for me)  I still love my family with all my heart, I still want to visit Fiji, I still want to take my family to Florida for a vacation, I still hate mix-matched socks, I still have to put my right shoe on before my left and I still want my speaking role in a TV show or Major Motion Picture.

Yeah, yeah I know, now you know where the dogs get it.

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