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Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's Barbecue Season

I love it when my mom's birthday falls on either Memorial Day or that weekend. It just gives me double the reason to light my grill, cook a bunch of great food and have family over to enjoy it. This is one of those years. Now, it's not like my family needs a reason to celebrate and get together. It can be something as simple it being the 2nd Wednesday of any given month. We love to gather, laugh, cook and eat. But, when it is coupled with beautiful weather, it is even better. On top of that, I got a free box of McCormick seasonings and sauces to try out from this website called Crowdtap. They have a lot of different opportunities to try and test out different products. This one came just at the right time. I have my beef ribs and chicken all rubbed down and marinated.

How are you going to enjoy this Holiday Weekend? How ever you do, I hope you have a wonderful time.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Too Hot To Cook (or eat)

The super warm temps have come to Chicago. This is always a hard for me as a mom because I never know what to fix for dinner. When I was growing up, this was perfect weather for tuna salad, my grandmother's chicken salad, or, my mom's seafood pasta salad. They would always line the bowl with lettuce and place the salad in the middle. You get a big pile of crackers and a tall glass of lemonade or iced tea and that is all you needed. Perfect warm weather meal. I still make the salads today. The only difference is my sons don't like them. My husband loves those salads, but those boys of mine are another story. I figured that they should be tired of eating so many hot dogs, tacos, hamburgers and grilled cheese sandwiches by now. 

I keep trying to get them to try something new, but they are a stubborn bunch.Since this is the holiday weekend, I plan on cooking everything I can outside on the grill. That way, all I have to do next week is add a side dish or two. But, in my house even that can be difficult. They don't like potato salad or egg salad(not a fav of mine either) and only some of boys eat cole slaw. Maybe they would try a nice cold spaghetti salad. (Probably not). Feel my pain?

Do you have any favorite,quick, go to recipes that you pull out on those superhot "refuse to turn on the oven" days?

PLEASE! share them in the comments.
Stay Cool.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Slow Down

I find myself always stressed out lately. I feel tired, cranky and short-tempered. My forehead is being etched with frown lines. Who is this person? Luckily, the Gemini that I am can see me freaking out and talk me down from a full-blown meltdown. I have been trying to figure out why I feel like this. There isn't anything that is particularly overly stressful in my life that should cause my shoulders to be in the knots that they are in every single day. I can't blame my children. They are just children. They are kind, and polite. They are are also loud, busy and demanding. Normal.But this is what every parent goes through. This shouldn't have me like this. I have a home, a working car, a hardworking, supportive husband. Money to pay all my bills. Yet, I feel like I could just burst into tears at any moment. I dream of getting on a plane somewhere near the ocean and just staying there. Away from all of the noise, deadlines and mandatory stuff that has to be done on a daily basis like, cleaning the house, washing clothes, making sure homework is done, fixing dinner, etc....

While looking for medicine to ease my headache and ongoing shoulder pain, I came across a facebook post from a good friend of mine named, Bridget Heffernan Mendel. She is always a wonderful source of information on education, funny stuff and great resources for parents and children. Well, she shared a great post today and I want to share it with you. It helped me realize that one of the reasons I feel the way I do is that, we are in a constant state of rushing. Rushing to do everything. To eat, sleep, get to school, get to work. everything is rushed. We have forgotten how to live in the moment. I tried to meditate one day and about 500 thoughts flooded my head like an electronics sale on Black Friday. Crazy! I have forgotten how to relax.

Anyway, I am sharing a link to the post. it is by a woman named, Cathy Cassani Adams. If you feel or have ever felt this way, read it. It might help. I promised myself to also try and incorporate this exercise into my week. (if i can find the time).


Thursday, May 17, 2012


Every time I look up, another month has gone by. It has been a pretty eventful month too. I just finished working on the set of the STARZ series, BOSS starring Kelsey Grammer. This wasn't my 1st time working on this show, but it was the first time i have had the pleasure of being on set with my entire family. All six of us! What an awesome experience that was! It was my 21 year old and my 16 year old's baptism into the world of being a "background artist". They jumped right in and did a great job. My little guys, Ky and MJ are old pros at it now. They have worked on BOSS and the new series, Chicago Fire which will premiere this fall on NBC. They fit right into it so easily. They even have the lingo down already. 'extras holding", "checking the gate" and their favorites, "lunch and that's a wrap"! It was an absolutely gorgeous, sunny day on set Tuesday. That made it even better to be out with my family.  I have shot in every kind of weather and we couldn't have asked for anything better to be shooting outside in. My husband actually had the chance to play a Cook County Sheriff for the day. He was all suited up and had all of the "cop props". It was a lot of fun watching him pretend to arrest the bad guys. I enjoy being an extra because it gives me a chance to do something I really love. I marvel at how sets are created and how shots are lined up to get just the right emotion or action. I feel very fortunate to have been able work in so many movies and TV shows over the years. And, while my ultimate dream is to actually get a role one day, I am just thankful that more production companies are bringing their work here to Chicago and that I get to be a small part in some of them. I have met some of the coolest people on these sets and some great friendships have been forged. That makes all the long days and crazy weather worth it. And now that my boys are involved, we have even more stories and things to laugh about.

Live Your Passions! Life is short!

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