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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fire and Ringworm, Oh Boy!!

Catchy title isn't it? Well, not if you are on the receiving end of both of those topics. Luckily we only actually had a brush with both today but that was enough for me. The ringworm part happened when I went to pick up my sons from camp. I was handed the dreaded "note on yellow paper". I opened it to find that there was an outbreak of ringworm in their camp and we were cautioned to be on the look out for it. Lovely! I immediately started itching and I haven't stopped since. I know it is all in my head, but the thought of the boys or myself with ringworm just gives me the "willies". We were so close to the end of camp and now this. The boys are now afraid to go to camp and want to stay home until Friday, which is the last day.

Now on to the fire part of my day. My husband has been a firefighter for 15 years. That means I have spent a huge chunk of my life sitting on pins and needles while he is on his 24 hour shift. To say I was relieved when he got promoted to Engineer almost two years ago, is an understatement. Being an Engineer means he no longer has to go into fires. He stays at his engine and makes sure the others get water. So, imagine me getting a text from him saying that he got burned today.He immediately said it was nothing serious and that it was only from some embers that floated away from the building and went down his back. But, my husband has a very bad habit of downplaying his injuries. In the past he has called me about a small cut on his lip, which turned out to be a gaping hole that required stitches and a "high ankle sprain" which was actually a very serious injury which consisted of multiple breaks in his leg and foot, torn ligaments and ripped tendons. That one required surgery, pins, wire mesh, bed confinement, extensive rehab and him being off of work for close to 6 months. So, you can be certain that I will be checking his back when he gets home in the morning for more severe injuries and checking the boys scalp and skin for ringworm.

And now my youngest just came to me and told me he clogged up the toilet with paper.....again.


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