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Thursday, August 22, 2013

And How Was Your Day Today?

Since I have absolutely no idea what to blog about tonight, I will just tell you how my day went. It was a pretty good day today. It was hot out, so I stayed indoors all day. I spent some time reading,talking on the phone to a few people, tried to get my son's highschool schedule changed(it worked), played a few hidden object games on the computer and fixed dinner. I fixed spaghetti with ground turkey and some fried chicken legs. It is one of the few meals that everyone in my home will eat. I told you all before that I have a pretty picky bunch.

School starts for the teen next week, so I thought about meals to fix so I can get dinner on the table earlier. There is only one month left before Autumn begins and I can't even rap my head around the fact that 2013 is almost in the history books. This challenge to write a blog post everyday in August is teaching me a lot. Not sure exactly what it is but it is teaching me a lot of it. Seriously though. I have been in more deep thought about my life, my future and the steps I need to make, to achieve the things I want. Most of it seems like I will need sheer luck or a monumental miracle to make some of these things in my mind come true, but at least the dreaming will keep me busy.

Well, I am signing off good people. I am going to watch HGTV until my eyelids are heavy.

By the way, how was your day today? Leave a comment for me. I would love to hear from you. 

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