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Friday, August 23, 2013

Who knew what a cucumber could do...

I must admit that I woke up in a funky mood today. It was seriously one of those "woe is me" mornings.  I was ready to just cry and count all the reasons I didn't want to get out of bed. I have been feeling like nothing is going right. I haven't been working on set in a few weeks. I haven't been able to get any auditions and I haven't been winning any contests or sweepstakes and I was just feeling really down. But one small thing changed my entire day for the better. And what was that small thing, you ask? It was a cucumber.

I planted a small garden this year. Just a few vegetables from seeds to see if they would grow. Well, this morning my husband went out to to the garden and picked the biggest, most beautiful cucumber I have ever seen. When he brought it inside and laid in my hands,all of the funkiness faded away. I was so happy and thankful that I had grown this awesome cucumber in my own garden that all of a sudden, I felt kind of silly for complaining about all the things that I thought weren't going right in my life. Here was this deep green cucumber in my hands. My 10 year old held it,and smelled it and proclaimed that it was, perfect. While we were marveling at this garden miracle, my husband was back out in the garden looking for more treasures. He came back in the house with an even bigger cucumber, 2 green peppers and some gorgeous green beans. I asked for forgiveness for my morning whine fest. And, I thanked God for the bounty that he had provided my family with. Sometimes we just have to be reminded of the abundance in our lives. Today my reminder came from a cucumber.

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