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Friday, November 25, 2011

Is it Friday already?

Made it through another Thanksgiving! It was really nice. The food was great as usual. My family enjoyed each others company and we sat around the table eating and talking about how we would love to be in the Bahamas for next year's holiday. That would be an absolute dream come true. To be able to be with my entire family in the Bahamas for Thanksgiving. I can imagine us all going fishing and coming home fixing a wonderful meal of American and Bahamian dishes. Watching my boys play along the beach and collecting shells. Having them fall in as much love with the island as I have. To see their eyes light up with wonder with each and every new discovery. That would truly be a thankful time.

 I am in the planning stages for my annual New Year's Eve open house. It is a really fun day where people just come and stop in for a bite and a laugh We look at old pictures and get some hugs, kisses and well wishes for the New Year. I can't believe this year is almost over. Time feels like it is just speeding by.

Cherish every moment of it. Peace and Love 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What a week!

I am pretty sure one of my earlier posts probably had this same title, but it's the truth. I am taking a quick moment out to get my thoughts down on paper before I have to dive head first into full-blown Thanksgiving food preparation madness.  But first, I want to share with you a blessing. My younger sister had a baby boy named, Noah. He was due to arrive on January 15th, but God had other plans. He arrived on November 18th. A mere 3lbs 9oz and 16 inches long. He is the sweetest little guy in the NICU. He is very strong and only need minimal help with oxygen. We are praying that he keeps getting stronger and stronger everyday and comes home soon.My sister is also doing well after having to have an emergency c-section. November 18th is a significant date for me because it is the date my daughter, Camara died 12 years ago. I woke up missing her as usual that day, but ended up having a reason to rejoice.  I love how God changes things around like that. My other blessing is that my sister and I finally have a real "sisterly" relationship. We are half sisters and weren't raised together. We only saw each other maybe once a year, if that much. Now we talk everyday and our children even attend the same school.My two little guys love being with their cousin at school everyday. It is really a great feeling to have her in my life more.

Now on to the food part!
Thankfully my mother and I share the cooking load and I started mine a month ago so I only have to fix about 30 other dishes! Just Kidding. I really only have about 4 dishes to prepare. (not including the desserts) Our menu: (so far) It has a tendency to grow as we think of things we would like to eat.
Beef ribs
lamb roast (cooked by my brother)
mac and cheese
sweet potatoes
potato salad (maybe)
and assorted desserts

I wanted Shish Kebob and hummus, but my kids wouldn't go for it. I just get tired of eating the same food every year. Plus, my family eats like this at least 8 times a year. It seems like we are always cooking for one thing or another and it is never a small amount. This year, I also have the annual pleasure of making a turkey for my good friend, Tracey Maxwell who is really more like a sister to me. I usually cook in on the grill, but this year I will roast it in the oven. I plan on making it extra tasty so I can fix it again next year. Although, I am kinda hoping I will be on a beach in the Bahamas next year eating lobster. Now, THAT is something I would be super thankful for.

SIDENOTE: I don't think I should to cook dinner the week before Thanksgiving. It is really difficult to plan the holiday menu AND figure out what to fix dinner everynight. Plus, I just got a call telling me that my dog has fleas and needs $150 dollars in dental work done. See, what I mean?


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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Good Luck 

Monday, November 7, 2011

You never know where your Blessings will come from

I haven't been writing my blog lately and I was wondering to myself  if I even had anything that people were really interested in reading about. Was I just talking to myself, was it meaningful,what? Anyway, today I received an email from a woman named Heather Von St. James who read the blog, (Thank you) and asked me if I could share her story on MY blog. My little blog with only 8 followers. WOW! I feel really touched and blessed that she would ask me to share her message of faith, courage and strength through her battle with Mesothelioma. You never know where or when your blessings will come. But, I wanted to share the one I got today with you. Please check out Heather's amazing story.  I hope her story will remind you just how blessed and fortunate we all are. Peace

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Eight is way too much!

Okay, I named the title of the blog, 8 is way too much because my sons came home with a letter from their school yesterday asking us to vote on whether adding 30 mins to the school day would disrupt our family's schedule negatively. Heck yeah it would! My boys are already in school for 7 1/2 hours a day as it is. I think that our school system is trying to make up for its' lack of creativity and strong curriculum by just having the children stay in school all day and pretend they are learning more. My boys have come home on many a day saying how they spent the last hour or more in their classrooms doing nothing. And, now you want to add 30 MORE mins. to their day? I could see if they were taking violin or piano lessons or having an Art class or even a real lunch break. How do you spend 7 and a half hours in school and have a 20 minute lunch break? Highschools at least have a 50 min break. I agonized about putting my sons back in school after homeschooling the older one for 3 years. I was thrilled that they adjusted so well to going back to school.  Now, it looks as though they may be coming back home. I just can't subject them to a longer school day when I know it will not be time spent on really educating them.Quality is so much more important than quantity.

Me Time

I have been away for a moment, but now I am back. I took a little hiatus and went on a little adventure to spend some time with myself. I decided to visit Atlanta, Georgia. I chose Atlanta because I had never been there, it was less than a 2 hour plane ride and the plane fare was reasonable. I found a decent hotel out by the airport, got a map, bought a train pass and set out. I went to visit the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. It was an awesome experience! I had seen so many pictures and videos about it, but nothing compared to seeing it up close. I spent about 3 hours in there and I could have stayed longer. I also visited the World of Coca-Cola. I really didn't know what to expect there. I figured it would be a lot of memorabilia and stuff like that. It ended up being a very, very fun place and I left with a smile on my face. Probably due to the 64 different kinds of soda you can taste from around the globe in their "Taste It" room. They also give everyone a bottle of Coca-Cola bottled right there on site on the way out. If you ever go to Atlanta, or if you already live there and haven't been, check out those places. .I also visited Peachtree street, ate at Ray's in The City It was a recommendation I got from one of the many helpful Atlanta Ambassadors that are on many of the cities streets to help out tourists like myself. The food was pretty good. They serve mostly seafood, which I love. Nothing extremely exceptional but I did really enjoy their Calamari.

I was proud of myself for venturing out. I need to do it more often. But, I promised that I would take my little guys with me next time
 You must go to the "Taste it" room!!!
This is the Largest Aquarium in the World!!! I really want to go back and take my boys.