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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Comes To An End

Well, not exactly Summer. Just summer camp. Tomorrow is the last day of camp for my boys. This was their 1st experience and I think they did pretty well. Yes, they did question my love and loyalty to them in the beginning, yes they did achieve a new level of dirty, and yes they did miss several days because I let them talk me out of making them go. But in my defense, they did go the majority of days. They did have fun and say the phrase "awesome day at camp" at least 10 times, they did make some new friends and they didn't get sunburned or get ringworm.

My youngest is already saying that he definitely wants to go back next year while on the other hand MJ has let me know that he has had his experience and that it is time to move on. We shall see about that. The dreamer in me hopes to be able to take them to Europe next Summer. Or maybe rent an RV and travel the West Coast.We could stop along the way to watch the stars, see the Grand Canyon, run from bears and all that great stuff. I want to give them more. They deserve it. They are growing so fast before my eyes. Soon, I will be getting them ready for college. I want to give them the experiences I never had and broaden their horizons beyond kickball and freeze tag.

However, if my dreams don't pan out and Summer camp is our only option, I am gonna find the best darn funnest, awesomest camp in the whole city!! And they will beg me to go everyday and they will thank me forever for being such a cool mom!

Or maybe, they will just go back to the same camp they went to this year and I will make sure to stock up on the "ringworm be-gone cream" But. I will still be the cool mom. Cause that's just who I am !

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