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Thursday, August 1, 2013

And away we go!

See, I knew I would have something to blog about. I just really didn't expect for it to be that I had to take my car in to have my radiator replaced! That was a hit to the wallet that I didn't need today or any day. When you own a home, a car and have children, the wallet never stays closed. There is always something that needs something. My mom always tells me to find the mercy in these types of situations. The mercy is that, we can pay for it and that I can get my car back today so I can work on set tomorrow. It stings a bit, but getting my car back means I can get to more jobs. More jobs, mean more opportunities for me to be seen. And, who know? Maybe, one day I will be discovered, land that dream role that pays a ridiculous amount of money and I can walk into a car dealership and purchase whatever car I want. (Which right now is a brand new Honda Odyssey). Think I am stretching it a bit? You never know. Maybe my radiator needing to be replaced will be a blessing in disguise. Dream Big, children. Dream Big!

Now until, that fantasy comes true, I will be here brainstorming with my hubby. We will be trying to find ways to make money and save money for all the "somethings" this family seems to always need.

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