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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy August/ Blogger Challenge

Good morning, everyone. I accepted a challenge for bloggers to post at least once everyday in the month of August. It is called the #31 WriteNow Challenge. I accepted this challenge because frankly, I have gotten lazy and I really need to start writing again. My first fear was that I wouldn't have anything to talk about everyday. But, I am wife, mother of 4 sons, I have a moody poodle and a 185lb. giant that thinks he is a lap dog. I homeschool my two youngest sons and I work as an extra on the set of a television show. There is ALWAYS something to talk about.

So, I hope you will join me this month as I attempt to get my blog out to you everyday this month. I also hope that you will share this blog with your friends as I would love to build my readership.

Stay tuned,

Lots of good stuff to come!

1 comment:

  1. Yep, you'll have loads to talk about! You can even use this family of 6 for fodder.