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Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Trouble With Gunther- Day 3

Due to a scheduling mix-up, my husband, who was supposed to be off today had to work. This meant that the task of walking our 185lb. English Mastiff, Gunther fell on me. I wasn't too concerned about walking him. In fact, I figured it was a good way to start my day. Walking a dog as big as Gunther is always a workout. Little did I know that walking him today would exercise me physically, mentally and almost cause my heart to stop beating on several occasions. The walk started out fine enough. I had my 9 year old son with me, and we started off. We got to his regular spot, which is actually a wide median strip in between a busy thoroughfare. Passer-bys were doing their usual, staring at the 4-legged behemoth walking in the grass dragging me behind him. And I was trying out my, Cesar Milan techniques of walking with confidence so your dog will know you are in control.  Unfortunately, Gunther didn't read that chapter of the book and suddenly decided that something smelled really good in the middle of the street!! He lunged forward, easily pulling his leash from my grasp. He bolted toward the street and all I could think about was how to explain to my husband that our dog had caused a 7-8 car pile up on Stony Island and how I would pay the bills for the therapy sessions my son and I would require if anything horrible happened to Gunther. Thankfully, I got a hold of his leash just as he reached the curb with cars speeding by. I pulled him back with all my strength and dug my heels in. I managed to gain control of him and decided that the walk was officially over. I was so scared!! All I wanted to do was to get him back home as quickly as possible. I should have know it wouldn't be that easy. The 5 block walk home was just as grueling as Gunther tried to grab the bumper of a bus passing by, a 4 foot tree branch and whatever else caught his fancy. We finally made it home and I got him back in his crate. I washed my hands physically and symbolically as I called my husband and informed him that after this latest ordeal, I would NEVER walk Gunther again. My heart rate has since returned to normal and I am breathing without the aid of a paper bag.

I foresee an aquarium in my pet ownership future. This dog walking(dragging) stuff is for the birds!

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