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Friday, August 9, 2013

Drawing a Blank

I really don't have much to share with you all tonight. Except to say that I have really felt good the past 3 days. I am taking my 1st acting workshop tomorrow and my son's trip is quickly approaching on Sunday. I feel excited about these new adventures and I hope they both turn out great. But other than that, not much is going on. Summer Camp finished up today and now BOTH boys have said they want to return next year. They got out of it what I hoped they would. They made friends, had fun and I am glad I signed them up.

I can't believe we are already into Day 9 of this blogging challenge. It is a stark reminder of just how quickly the summer is going. School starts back for my teen in a little over 2 weeks and we didn't even get the chance to have any outings No museums, zoos or amusement parks. I think we are going to have to cram some stuff in pretty quick.

Well, I am going to keep this one brief as I have to get some sleep in order to be fresh for my workshop. I am pretty nervous, but ready for the experience. I hope to have lots of good stuff to tell you when I get home.


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