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Friday, February 17, 2012

02/17/1994-How I met my Husband

I used to work for First Chicago Bank as a bank teller supervisor back in the 90's. I worked most days by myself and it could get pretty boring. If I didn't have a lot of customers, I could literally spend an entire day doing nothing. My favorite part of the day would be when my co-workers would come over and spend their lunch hours with me. They weren't always able to do this, so on one such lonely day, I decided to call in to a radio station and request a song. I didn't think I would actually get through, but I tried it anyway. To my surprise, someone actually answered the phone.

 It was "Crazy Howard McGee" (a very popular radio personality) from WGCI on the other end of the phone! After my initial shock, I heard him ask me what I was doing for my guy that day. He went on to explain that it was, "Men's Thursday" and that I had to do what ever my husband/boyfriend wanted me to do that day. I told him that "Men's Thursday" didn't apply to me because I was single. He asked me my name and what company I worked for and he told me he would play me a song. I hung up still laughing that I had actually gotten through.

 My phone started ringing at work from friend's who had heard me. They mostly told me that I was crazy and that I was gonna get calls from weirdos. I continued working and didn't think twice when the phone rang again about 20 minutes later. I answered as usual,"Good Afternoon First Chicago Bank, this is Jocelyn". I heard in reply, "Hi, you don't know me, my name is Paul. I just heard your voice on the radio and I had to find you."..... *silence*...... "Oh snap," They were right! To say I was a bit shocked, is an understatement. I felt like one of those women in a horror movie where the call is coming from inside the house. I was nervous but, as we started to talk and I listened to his voice, all fear washed away.

We talked for about an hour and I felt a calm wash over me. It was the first time in a long time that I felt that warm fuzzy feeling inside. We agreed to meet after work. He came by my job and believe me when I say this. When I saw him, I knew he would be the man I would marry. When I told my friends,they wondered if had lost my mind. They were convinced of my insanity when I announced my engagement to my radio guy a mere 3 months later. Which of course, had been done over the radio as well. We were married 2 months after that. (July 23rd 1994)  So, that's the story of how I met my husband. As crazy as it sounds, it's all true. And, it has most certainly been one adventure after another.


  1. WOW! Jocelyn, that is a wonderful story. They always say, when you know, you know. :-) This story worms the heart. God bless the both of you and the children! I am still smiling.

  2. I swear you look so familiar....
    Joe Piggee

  3. That is a fantastic story. It the stuff that should be told for generations to come.

  4. Great story Joce, nice to know some of those romantic stories really do happen!

  5. What a wonderful, crazy, amazing and romantic story!