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Friday, February 10, 2012

One day I'll learn (Maybe)

When I was a little girl( and older), I always brought home stray animals. Cats, dogs, squirrels, birds, etc...It got to the point that other people actually started bringing me their strays because they knew I would take them in. When I moved in my current home, I vowed to stop doing this, especially because I had 4 children and they definitely kept me very busy. It wasn't long though until i started feeling that itch to rescue something. We had a couple dogs that weren't a good fit for our family. Most of them had anger management problems and I didn't trust them around my boys. I was resigned to not having a pet until our dog, Benji came into our lives 3 years ago. He is a sweet, poodle mix that fit into our family perfectly. We finally had our pet. The boys loved him, he was housebroken and he was smart. Skip ahead 2 years and my husband now has the itch. Even though we still have Benji,he wants a large breed dog. Something that has a menacing bark but could sneak up on bad guys. :) We looked on different rescue sites and checked out pictures online of all the animals that needed to be rescued. My husband declared that, "His perfect dog would come to him". The next day, our dog Benji was outside doing his normal bark at everything that moves routine, when my husband looked out the window to see what he was barking at this time. To his surprise we saw a thin, dog running down the alley. We thought maybe she was being walked off leash, but no one was behind her. We watched her walk away. My husband went back to doing something else, but she stayed in my mind. My old rescue gene kicked into high gear and I went outside to see if she was still there. To my surprise, she was. I walked toward her and she came right to me. I should have walked right back into my house right then. Why oh why did I bring her back to the house? I thought I had finally grown out of this. My husband took a good look at her and fell in love. Darn it! I did it again. I figured we would let her get warm and give her something to eat and take to the shelter. Nope. By the end of the day, she had a name(Loni), a bed and a new home. Benji, is slowly coming around. We reassure him several times a day that he is not being replaced. Loni seems to be either a boxer mix or a pit bull mix. She is kind, gentle and thinks she is a lap dog. It is a bit different having the two of them underfoot. But, their daily game of keep away is always fun to watch. Am I crazy for bringing this dog into our lives? Probably. Do I wish I had just let her walk away? I don't honestly know. Do I love her? Yes. Time will tell how this new adventure plays out. But, at least we know that for now she is off the streets and being cared for by a family that loves her. I don't plan on bringing any more strays home anytime soon. But with me, you just never know.
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