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Sunday, July 31, 2011

What a week!

I'm not sure if  I ever mentioned that I sometimes get the opportunity to be an extra on movies and television. Well, I had such an opportunity this week. I worked the entire week on the set of a new FX series called, POWERS. It seems like a really interesting show, (for grown-ups) as it does have some strong language in it. It kinda feels like a cross between the x-files and Heroes. Anyway, it was a pretty cool experience. I met some great people, that I will never forget. They are what make the whole thing great. If they weren't the awesome bunch of people that they were, I wouldn't have lasted through the week. A lot of people think being an extra is glamorous. NOT! It is low paying, long hours (of mostly sitting if you are lucky) and being treated like an outcast. Well, on this particular set anyway. I have worked plenty of other projects where I have been treated wonderfully. Anyway, I can't complain. I did get the chance to watch some great action, watch an actor that I greatly admire (Charles S. Dutton) and get paid for 12-14 hours days after only actually working for maybe 3 hours at the most.  It is very interesting work and it kinda grows on you. It can be exciting because each time and project is different. And for me, it is a chance to get out of  my daily routine. I used to dream of being on set, getting discovered and being whisked off to Hollywood to star in a major motion picture. I don't dream that anymore, but I do still want that movie role. I believe it will happen. When it's my time. Until then, I am happy to do extra work.

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Wonderful Family Opportunity

Those of you that know me, might know that I have wanted to be in television and movies for a very long time. In fact, one of my childhood treats was being to stay up late on Oscar Night to watch all of the awards. As long as I can remember I have dreamed of going to Hollywood to act in a Major motion picture and attend the Oscars. I haven't gotten so far as getting a role yet, but I have been fortunate enough to work as a background artist (extra) on several movies and one television series. My family has always indulged my dreams and my husband has even caught the acting bug. He has accompanied me a few times on the movies sets. Well, now the entire Dorsey family is going to get the chance to be in front off the cameras. We have been invited to shoot a testimonial commercial for Gamefly, the video game rental company. We are big fans of Gamefly, use them extensively and we are thrilled to have to chance to not only be in a commercial for them, but to also take our first vacation together as a family at the same time. I hope this commercial leads to more great opportunities for us as a family and individually. But most of all I am just thankful to get the chance to have this special time with my family. So, look out for the Dorsey's. Los Angeles here we come!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Winnie The Pooh-Movie Review

I had the privilege of taking my 2 youngest sons and niece to see a sneak preview of Disney's Winnie The Pooh on Monday night. I had all kinds of questions swirling around my mind regarding this new movie. Would the kids like it? Would pooh sound the same? Would they change it too much to try and appeal to a new generation? Well, if you are "old school" like me, let me just say this. You will be happy. My children were captivated by the story. Theater goers (including myself) were laughing out loud several times during the movie and it was really refreshing to watch a movie with characters from my childhood that are still so wonderfully embraced by the children of today.  The movie is colorful and done in the same fashion as they have always been animated. No 3D here. (YAY!) Winnie The Pooh comes out this Friday, July 15th. So, if you need something wholesome and fun to do with your children or grandchildren this weekend, take them to see Winnie The Pooh. And if you dread taking your kids to the movies because they get fidgety half-way through, no problem. The running time for this movie start to finish, including the short is only 60 mins.