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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Break From Facebook

I took a partial break from Facebook. I really needed to because, I found myself spending way too much time on there. It was the first thing I did in the morning and the last thing I did before bed. I was constantly checking my pages and the newsfeed and "liking" this post and sharing that picture, all day everyday. Facebook can be overwhelming at times. You are actually seeing the situations, thoughts, actions and reactions for hundreds or thousands of people on a daily basis. Your brain and psyche are taking and processing all of this information along with your own and it can make you a bit loopy if you let it.

One of things I love to do on facebook, is sign up for freebies. Freebies are products that companies give away at any given time and you have to be really quick to claim some of these products. I get pretty lucky most times but sometimes I miss out. No big deal. Some people get really pissed when they aren't quick enough to claim a freebie. They actually leave hateful posts with bad language and everything. All because they couldn't claim and free product that the company didn't have to give away in the 1st place! It is pretty weird. I don't understand that kind of response at all. It's not that serious.

The other thing I like to do is sign up for sweepstakes and contests. Now, when I first started out, it was a lot of fun.I would win a few things like toys, games or even food items for the family and it was exciting. I met up with more "sweepers" and I found out about more contests and sweepstakes and saw that some people were winning really nice prizes. Trips, cars, electronics and more. WOW! I can really get into this! I was doing this for about a year and everything was going along great. Then I started seeing that people were actually fighting, back-stabbing and getting jealous over what other people were winning. Some of these crazed sweepers even started getting some sweepers locked out of their own personal pages over some dumb, juvenile crap. This is supposed to be FUN!!

Now, I must admit it can get a bit depressing when you are entering all the same contests as other people, but you aren't winning anything for a long stretch. I mean for a while I seriously started to take it personally. I figured the sweepstakes gods hated me and I just couldn't wasn't going to win. This was a stupid way to think of course, but I am telling you it starts to happen. I see the posts everyday. People getting really depressed over not winning and letting it seriously affect their lives.Some go so far as to start "unfriending" or blocking people that are winning more than them. Really? Is this what we have become people? I needed a break from all that. Not from my close sweeper friends, but from all the crazy ones with their in-fighting and bad-feelings and general nastiness.

I also needed a break from what I call, being a Social Outcast. Now, this is my own thing and I deal with it, but it is real and I bet I am not the only one that feels like this. Being a social outcast is when you have all these "friends" on your facebook page, neighborhood friends, old classmates, people you worked with, family members etc.......and you start to see all the parties, events, weddings and "what nots" that they all go to together that you haven't been invited to. For some of us social outcasts, it is like taking the worst days of our childhood and/or school years and living them again as an adult. It shows you how some things never really change. Now, while sometimes I have honestly gotten my feelings hurt by this, for the most part I could care less. But, I mention it because it is real and maybe someone else out there can see that they aren't alone. Moving on..............

Now the last reason I needed a break is strictly because, if I see another person's fabulous tropical vacation pictures, my head is going to explode! Here I am trying to figure out dinner for 6 every night and there they are, on a freakin' beach sipping Long Island Ice Tea and Pina Coladas for the 4th time this year! Or they are talking about the magnificent midnight seafood buffet that they just had on their 21 Day Cruise to the Riviera!! AAAHHH!! My summer vacation was a trip to our local Aquarium. I touched a Sting ray! It was a very nice trip to the Aquarium and I had a lovely day there, but COME ON!!!  I need a vacation so bad I am beginning to save my tears just so I can be around salt water! Man, that sounded pitiful, didn't it?

Sorry, I had a moment.

But that's what facebook can do to you if you are not careful. It can start to gnaw away at your common sense and make you start comparing your life to everyone else's and that can truly make you crazy. I don't need help in the crazy department. I live in a house with my husband, 4 sons, a poodle and a Gunther, remember? So, I am taking a break from it for a while. I need to reconnect with myself, my family and count my many, many blessings. Will I go back? Are you kidding? Of course I will. I have freebies to claim and contests to enter. But, I promise not to let it take over my life. Really, I promise. Just call and check on me once in awhile, okay?

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