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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Return of The Teen... Part 2

He's Home!!! I was so happy to see my son. He looked like he matured in the past 5 days. Dare I say he looked like a college kid.  I only got half a hug from him, because his brothers almost knocked him over. He was happy! I could tell. He had on a sweatshirt from Tufts and underneath, a t-shirt from Cornell School of Engineering. (can you tell that I'm smiling)? He got in the car, talked for about 5 minutes, said he WASN'T hungry, and then promptly pulled out in his earplugs and turned on his ipod.

Yep, my son is back! When we arrived home, he went in his room and started unpacking. I could hear bags rustling and he came out with t-shirts from each college, a keychain from M.I.T., and a coffee mug from Harvard. He looked so proud. I asked him which of the colleges he visited, could he see himself as a student. He said, "All of them". Not sure if what I was feeling at that moment was happiness or sheer panic of how to actually pay for this teen's college education. This whole college thing just got real!

I am going to need a moment, so I don't start hyperventilating, talk amongst yourselves..................

Okay, I'm back. Breathing normally but, Whew! My husband and I didn't attend college and my oldest son did a year at a junior college, but he came home every night. So, this experience is a lot like bringing home a baby for the first time. You want the best for your baby and you don't want to make any mistakes. You love and nurture that child. You protect him and smile as he starts to scoot around the floor. You watch him start to crawl, then pull on the furniture and then one day he lets go and walks across the room.

My son just took those 1st few wobbly steps this week. Soon, he will run. I hope he doesn't stop until he reaches his destination. Until his dreams come true. 

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