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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Captain's Log- Day 147

Well at least it feels like Day 147 in my head. This Challenge to blog everyday in August is getting pretty trippy. I am feeling like Ren in my favorite episode of The Ren and Stimpy show. The episode is called, Space Madness. The first time my brother and I watched it, we were literally in tears from laughing so hard. Anyway, the episode is funny because Ren and his friend, Stimpy have been in space so long that Ren starts to go mad. He starts talking off the top of his head and doing weird stuff. I feel like that sometimes.Actually, I feel like this, most days.  But in a much milder,less full psychotic break kind of a way. Have you ever looked at situations and they just seem nuts!!? I had one today and my cousin, Isabelle will understand this and probably laugh at me.

Anyway, my husband and two of my sons habitually bite their nails and it drives me up the wall! I am always yelling at them( in a nice way) to stop. So, imagine if you will, me telling my youngest son all day to stop biting his nails only to sit down, get comfortable and look down to see what? MY POODLE BITING HIS NAILS!! You gotta be kidding me? Whose dogs does this besides mine? I yelled at him to stop and then cracked up laughing at the sheer craziness that I have a dog that bites his nails. We just took him to the vet to get his nails cut and he still bites them. Only in the Dorsey House will you find such insanity on an everyday basis. I swear I need a reality show. I have a neurotic poodle that bites his nails and also won't eat the food out of his food bowl. He has to move it to another part of the house to eat it. A genetically modified, Mastiff that is bigger than all of my sons put together, a feral cat that hangs out in the yard to try grab one of the 100+ birds that we feed everyday. He has been lucky a few times, much to my horror. And I haven't even mentioned my sons who are hilarious. I wish you could hear some of their conversations, they are indescribably funny.

When it comes down to it, I guess it's the insane moments that keep you sane. You don't want to be walking around with Space Madness all the time, but it sure keeps things interesting. 

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