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Monday, August 5, 2013

Is it Friday yet?

The title of my blog today, is a phrase that means absolutely nothing to people that homeschool. Our children are always home, always with us. It can be a blessing as well as a curse. Homeschooling is a great thing and I am so glad that we live in a State where we aren't regulated and have to get our curriculum approved and do the standardized testing thing. That would really make it just like school, just at home.

The flip side to that is the fact, that the only time I am not with my children is when I am either sleeping, working on set, shopping for groceries or at a doctor's appt. That can get a bit crazy. I love being with them of course or I would never have started homeschooling them, but not having "me" time is wearing me out.

I need to find more time for me. I need to take myself out to lunch or to a movie or something that doesn't feel like a chore. It's important to have those moments and I still haven't quite figured out how to do it. Hmmm? Maybe I will go in search of fun things for me to do and write blogs post about them. First step, get out of the house..

to be continued.......from Fiji would be nice. 

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