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Sunday, August 4, 2013

One of those days

Would it be okay if my entire blog post just consisted of the word TIRED in bold letters across the top and that was it? I am sure that lots of people would understand it perfectly. That is truly how I feel today. And it is not totally a physical tired. It is that, along with being mentally tired. I want to just somehow transport myself to a deserted beach in Fiji. Just laying back listening to the waves and having the salty water spray across my lips. Alas, I am not in Fiji. I am in Chicago. Trying to juggle this thing called motherhood and marriage. But, I have to be grateful for it all. My husband and sons are truly a blessing in my life.

No one could have ever prepared me for how consuming being a wife and mother is. They are always on my mind. I am constantly praying for them, hoping for them and sometimes wanting to grab and shake them. They can bring me to a point where I literally feel like I will die. And miraculously, I don't. And because I haven't died so far, I know that I can get through what ever the situation is. And believe me, there have been some situations. In families there always are.

So today I write this post, stressed out, tired, worn out, grateful, thankful, blessed and loved.
And if anyone has an Oceanfront beach home, that they would like to loan me for a month( in exchange for cookies), I will gladly accept it. 

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