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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Something got into me today. I was in a cooking mood. I cook all the time, but there was something about today. I try and make my boys a pretty well-rounded meal most nights, but we have our "nacho nights" too. Maybe it was the chill in the air that brought this cooking fest about or maybe it was the fact that it is the 7th anniversary of my grandmother, who we affectionately called Dear's passing.  I think I was just subconsciously missing what I blogged about the other day when I talked about the smells from my childhood. I prepared, baked chicken, stuffing, gravy, cabbage, candied sweet potatoes and macaroni and cheese. Definitely something that we usually have on a Sunday night. No one complained though that we didn't have tacos. They all ate heartily and went to bed satisfied. I am on my way as well.

What's on the menu for tomorrow? Who knows? It all depends on how the spirit moves me. It just may move me to KFC for takeout! :)

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