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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1st Day of School Jitters (not them, me!)

I couldn't sleep last night. So much on my mind. Most of it was worrying about what I would face this morning when I had to get my little guys ready for their 1st day of school. I was so nervous, I tossed and turned all night. My 9 year old had set his alarm for 6 a.m. He said it would be "advantageous" to have more time to get ready instead of rushing. (I love that kid). They woke up full of excitement. They put their backpacks on before their clothes. Their eagerness to delve into something new, helped melt my anxiety away. I fixed them a good breakfast, their father and I wrote their names on all of their belongings, packed their lunchboxes and headed out. I took the ceremonial 1st day of school pictures and sent them to my mom and brother.(which I haven't taken in quite some time). Our drive took us about 4 minutes.We pulled up to their new school and found their classrooms. I didn't linger at the door. I just introduced them to their respective teachers, told them have a good day and left. I didn't want to allow myself any reason to have any nervousness return or make them nervous either. We got the opportunity to stay and see their morning rituals. They begin their day with some of the oldest children (4th graders) on the stage playing the African drums to call all of the other members of the "village" together for the morning circle. They recite pledges, state their affirmations and sing a song. They conclude the morning circle with a breathing exercise meant to usher in positivity and release any negativity before going back to their classes to start their day of learning. I felt no sadness or tears. I left them there feeling upbeat and happy that they were in what seems to be a caring place, where they will learn to have pride in themselves, their people. And, learn what it feels like to be a part of a village. Something I was blessed to grow up with in my neighborhood and that is so lacking today. I am thankful that we started this day with such an upbeat tone. I pray that each day that comes is as good or better than today. Learn as much as you can my children. Your mom and dad need you to change this world. I believe you can do it. Peace and Love


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