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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Days of Pancakes and Cookies

As the Autumn season rolls in, and the cooler temps quickly follow. My mind goes to a time when it seems like the air was filled the smells of pancakes and cookies. There were other smells too. My mom's pot roast for Sunday dinner. Baked Chicken, greens and cornbread and my grandma, Dear's house. Lasagna and garlic bread at my aunt Donnie's house and chocolate chip cookies from my aunt Betty Jean. Those smells always make me feel so warm and comfy inside and remind me of simpler times. My house smells like pizza most days. But, I make sure that I fill it with the smells of my childhood too. I hope that they will stay in the memories of my children and that they will pass them on. Which smells evoke good memories for you from your childhood? Feel free to share. Peace

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