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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lost and Found

My youngest son Ky lost his 1st tooth yesterday. He is 7 years old! What happened to the good old days when  your teeth fell out by your 5th birthday? It was like a rite of passage. Go to kindergarten and take the "snaggletooth" class photo. Not my kids! Their teeth refuse to come out. My soon to be 9 year old has only lost 3 teeth. My 21 year old even has baby teeth!!! What is that all about? Only one of my son's was considered "normal" when it came to their teeth. Actually, that's not true. He lost ALL of his teeth before he was 10! That definitely was not normal. Anyway, my little guy has seen the coins left by the 'tooth fairy' for his older brother MJ and he was really excited about finally getting a visit. And, even though I never raised any of my boys with the stories of Santa, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy, he was adamant that the "Tooth fairy" was coming. Even after MJ told him that I was really the person who left the coins. He looked at his big brother like was crazy! Yeah right, "mommy doesn't put that there". "The little fairy like on tv comes and takes my tooth", he went on to explain. So when he woke up this morning, I was expecting him to come in excited to tell me what a marvelous treasure he had found under his pillow. But, instead of smiles, he was really upset. "What's wrong, honey"? I asked. He said, "my tooth is gone, but i didn't get a present!" Now, I remember putting that coin under his pillow and removing the tooth. Although that was an operation in itself because he was holding it in his tight fisted little hand! I finally retrieved the tooth without waking him and put the shiny "gold' George Washington dollar coin under there. Where could it be? I sent him to use the bathroom and searched all over. I found it all the way at the other end of the bed under all of his covers. I love to have had a camera recording how that could even be possible. I moved the coin a little farther up and placed his sheet over it. When he returned to his room I told him to carefully check his bed. Success! He came out of the room with a smile and proclaimed that he was now rich. I left the boys to study the coin and heard MJ telling Ky, "You know mommy is the tooth fairy don't you?" Uh uhhn, you're wrong", was the reply from the very serious Ky. Then, something unexpected happened. MJ said, "Wait, you're right Ky, the tooth fairy did come and leave you the gift, then she gave your tooth to mommy. I will show you all of the teeth in her drawer later. She has a lot of them!" My boys. Gotta love em.

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