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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Winnie The Pooh-Movie Review

I had the privilege of taking my 2 youngest sons and niece to see a sneak preview of Disney's Winnie The Pooh on Monday night. I had all kinds of questions swirling around my mind regarding this new movie. Would the kids like it? Would pooh sound the same? Would they change it too much to try and appeal to a new generation? Well, if you are "old school" like me, let me just say this. You will be happy. My children were captivated by the story. Theater goers (including myself) were laughing out loud several times during the movie and it was really refreshing to watch a movie with characters from my childhood that are still so wonderfully embraced by the children of today.  The movie is colorful and done in the same fashion as they have always been animated. No 3D here. (YAY!) Winnie The Pooh comes out this Friday, July 15th. So, if you need something wholesome and fun to do with your children or grandchildren this weekend, take them to see Winnie The Pooh. And if you dread taking your kids to the movies because they get fidgety half-way through, no problem. The running time for this movie start to finish, including the short is only 60 mins.

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