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Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer is coming

School is almost over and now comes the fun part. Keeping the boys busy! We have a ton of great museums and attractions in Chicago and we hope to take advantage of most of them. We would do the summer camp thing, but to me there aren't enough affordable, high quality day camps available. My darling husband and I would love to take them to a farm and show them what a day in the life of a farmer is like. They could use some video game free days. There are also the plethora of summer movies that we just have to see. Cars 2 is number 1 on the list of family friendly movies. The little guys want to see the new Transformers movies, but they usually have some pretty colorful language in them. So between the zoos, amusement parks and city fairs,  I think we will be able to keep them occupied. We just have to make sure we grab a few date nights for ourselves as well.

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