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Friday, June 17, 2011

Funny Funny Funny

My sons are so funny! All of them make me laugh. The oldest one can seem very serious and stern, but he has the softest heart. He loves animated movies and he has always loved his musicals. He definitely takes after me and his uncle. My teenager has the craziest sense of humor. He is the one that turned me on to the Colbert Report and the Jon Stewart show. He is very aware of the world and is very quick witted. My 8 year old, loves cartoons and he quotes them  to me all the time. We call him Chowder, because he can imitate that cartoon character so well it is scary. My baby boy thinks everything is funny! He finds the humor in everything. I fear that this may cause a problem when he goes back to school in the fall. I love it when we are all together watching a good show on tv and we are all laughing together.Those are the time I wish that I had a video camera so I could play it back over and over again. They make me laugh until tears flow. I love those moments! I cherish those moments. I feel very blessed to be able to share so many good times with them. Life can be so serious and rough at times. But, if we just take the time to laugh. It makes the tough stuff easier to bear.

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