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Monday, March 19, 2012

Up and Runnin'

You ever wake up in the morning and instantly know you are late? That's how we started our Monday today. For some reason I woke up with a gasp. Something wasn't quite right. It was daylight! That is a dead giveaway. Oh no! What time is it? I looked at the clock AAHHH! 7:10 a.m. A million questions go through my head in 1.5 seconds. Did I sleep through my alarm? Did I miss my teenagers daily knock on the door? Did I miss getting my see ya later hug? Nope. He was asleep too! In fact, everybody was in a state of comfortable relaxed slumber. I really hated having to shatter that by banging on the doors and turning on the lights. WAKE UP! WAKE UP! We're late!!! Come on, come on. Get up!!!

The teenager, who is supposed to be out the door by 6:30 has not yet learned the art of dressing, eating, brushing teeth and running out the door at the same time! This art has definitely died out with the laid back teens of today.(and a lot of adults too)

The 9 and 7 year old figure that since they woke up 10 minutes later than usual, they should stay home from school. NOT! Although the thought of returning to my bed did cross my mind.(several times!)

The bad thing is, my husband who is also not ready to get up, has to drive the teenager to school because rush hour is over and his usual hour commute will now be a two hour commute if he takes the bus.

So, let's review:

Woke up hour and a half late.

Teenager: moves like a snail and still has to iron clothes because he didn't get his clothes ready last night (like we tell him every night)

9 and 7 year olds: figure that summer vacation should start immediately because the weather is warm and they want to ride their bikes and go to the playground. (I kinda agree with them on this one)

Husband: Isn't happy because he has to face Monday morning traffic AND use up some of the precious $70 dollars worth of gas we just put in our car. ( I totally agree with him on this one)

Me: After I hurry and make the lunches that I should have made last night I realize, it's just another day in a household with over-tired parents. There will never be enough hours in the day.(or night)

And,I am seriously putting more thought into booking that family trip to Florida instead of putting all that money toward paying off the gutters on our house. Obviously, we need a vacation.

Happy Monday Everybody,

Peace and Love

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