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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Flu Update 2012

I will be the first to tell you how not having to trudge through countless days of snow and ice this year has been heavenly to me. I am used to harsh winters having been born and raised in Chicago. I will also say that this season has been hellish on my children. They have never had more illnesses in their entire lives than they have had this year. We have had every type of nose, throat, and chest congestion. Headaches, extreme nosebleeds, fevers of 104, countless sleepless nights, boxes of tissue and numerous cups of tea, orange juice and ginger ale. I dare not shake hands with anyone because they are so rough from me scrubbing them all day and dipping them in vats of disinfectant cleaners used to wipe down everything in my house. It is not only me that this virus has affected though. I have been reading scores of stories across the country from people that are battling the flu, ear infections, pneumonia and more. Not sure why this year seems so bad. We usually blame big outbreaks like this on mild winters. It is thought that the germs have a chance to multiply and get stronger when it doesn't get cold enough for them to die. Maybe it really isn't any different than other years, but it sure seems that way. It definitely feel that way to me. My boys have been continuously sick since January. Here's hoping that all those feeling bad, get well soon. And, here's praying that all those not sick, stay healthy. Bring on the heat! Peace

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