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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What a week!

I am pretty sure one of my earlier posts probably had this same title, but it's the truth. I am taking a quick moment out to get my thoughts down on paper before I have to dive head first into full-blown Thanksgiving food preparation madness.  But first, I want to share with you a blessing. My younger sister had a baby boy named, Noah. He was due to arrive on January 15th, but God had other plans. He arrived on November 18th. A mere 3lbs 9oz and 16 inches long. He is the sweetest little guy in the NICU. He is very strong and only need minimal help with oxygen. We are praying that he keeps getting stronger and stronger everyday and comes home soon.My sister is also doing well after having to have an emergency c-section. November 18th is a significant date for me because it is the date my daughter, Camara died 12 years ago. I woke up missing her as usual that day, but ended up having a reason to rejoice.  I love how God changes things around like that. My other blessing is that my sister and I finally have a real "sisterly" relationship. We are half sisters and weren't raised together. We only saw each other maybe once a year, if that much. Now we talk everyday and our children even attend the same school.My two little guys love being with their cousin at school everyday. It is really a great feeling to have her in my life more.

Now on to the food part!
Thankfully my mother and I share the cooking load and I started mine a month ago so I only have to fix about 30 other dishes! Just Kidding. I really only have about 4 dishes to prepare. (not including the desserts) Our menu: (so far) It has a tendency to grow as we think of things we would like to eat.
Beef ribs
lamb roast (cooked by my brother)
mac and cheese
sweet potatoes
potato salad (maybe)
and assorted desserts

I wanted Shish Kebob and hummus, but my kids wouldn't go for it. I just get tired of eating the same food every year. Plus, my family eats like this at least 8 times a year. It seems like we are always cooking for one thing or another and it is never a small amount. This year, I also have the annual pleasure of making a turkey for my good friend, Tracey Maxwell who is really more like a sister to me. I usually cook in on the grill, but this year I will roast it in the oven. I plan on making it extra tasty so I can fix it again next year. Although, I am kinda hoping I will be on a beach in the Bahamas next year eating lobster. Now, THAT is something I would be super thankful for.

SIDENOTE: I don't think I should to cook dinner the week before Thanksgiving. It is really difficult to plan the holiday menu AND figure out what to fix dinner everynight. Plus, I just got a call telling me that my dog has fleas and needs $150 dollars in dental work done. See, what I mean?


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