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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And then the snow came.....

I know it's coming. I have lived in Chicago all of my life. I know the cold and snow is coming, but I am NEVER ready for it. I don't like to be cold. I don't like putting on 6 layers of clothes to go to the store. I get no pleasure of having the hairs in my nose freeze when I try to breathe in. This is not what I call fun. You would have thought it was Christmas morning in my house with the way my 8 year old reacted to seeing the light dusting of snow on the ground this morning. He was downright giddy! He had no problem getting washed up and putting on clothes. He even voluntarily put on his boots, gloves and hat. We did have him remove them so he could eat his breakfast. But, that is how excited he was. He and my youngest son got out side and threw snowflakes at each other. There wasn't enough to make snowballs. But, they didn't care. Standing there in my kitchen window shivering, I looked out on them and realized I was looking at pure childhood wonder. They didn't care that is was 20 degrees outside. All they cared about was trying to catch their first snowflake of the season on their tongues. I tried to find that wonder inside of myself so I could share in their glee. But, all I could do was pour myself another cup of tea, look for my "longjohns", and get ready for another winter in Chicago.

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