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Friday, November 26, 2010

Dorsey Gift-giving Day

 I had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. It was calm, relaxed, and the food was good (as usual).My boys tried to eat themselves silly. All except for my youngest boy. All he wanted was cornbread. No turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, etc... Nothing! Just cornbread. My 8 year old ate enough for the both of them. My brother, mother, aunt and niece joined us this year. We listened to music and laughed about how we would not want to be outdoors. it was one of the coldest Thanksgivings in a few years. It was only in the 20's by nightfall. We talked about all the sales that would be starting and looked at the paper full of Black Friday Ads. I was glad not to be out in the stores today looking for stuff  I really don't need to be buying anyway. I must admit though, I do get a bit a caught up in all of the Black Friday, Cyber Monday stuff. But, I take a different approach. I think about what I want to get. Then, I check online for prices. I purchase a few items before the holiday, but the majority is bought after Christmas. You see, my family has our own holiday. We call it simply "Gift Giving Day". We celebrate it on a different day every year. It falls in between Dec. 26th and Dec. 30th because we want the boys to get to enjoy their gifts before school/lessons start back. We choose a day when my husband will be home and we have our day. It is such a pleasure watching the boys open their gifts. My husband and I both grew up celebrating Christmas, but stopped a long time ago. We had such fond memories of it and wanted to share something like that with our own family. We celebrated the non-religious holiday of Kwanzaa for awhile and still incorporate some of the traditions into our gift giving day. No trees, no lights, no Santa. Just family, presents and fun. The youngest boys don't know what day it will be and when they come out of their rooms and see all of the wrapped boxes, it is priceless. It is nothing big, but it is another way to pass down something to the boys. We hope they will do the same with their families in the future. Whether it be Christmas, Kwanzaa, Eid, of their own Dorsey Gift Giving Days. I hope all of you have a very enjoyable holiday season. Peace.

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