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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Morning

Good Morning. I stayed up this after my husband left for his 24 hour shift. The house was so quiet I wanted to enjoy it while I could. A slight breeze came through a few windows. I opened them all. I looked outside and the birds were all there waiting to be fed. I let Benji stroll around in the yard while I poured the seed into the feeders. The sky is heavy and grey, but the sight of the birds and the sounds of their songs lifted the residual sleep from my brain and any gloominess from my spirit. Sparrows, morning doves, purple-headed grackles, goldfinches, green monk parrots all vocalizing at the same time. I was transported to a tropical rainforest for a few moments, a smile came across my face. I snapped myself back to reality and decided to make a cup of my favorite pomegranate green tea. I sat close enough to the window to continue listening to the choir of birds. An extreme moment of silence came through for a moment. No birds, no cars, just silence.. I took that moment to give my thanks to God for another day. With my tea steeping next to me, I began to write. I knew this day was starting out to be a good.

to be continued............

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