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Saturday, September 7, 2013


It has been a few days since I had the chance to post. I have been trying to immerse myself and the boys back into homeschool mode. Made it through week one, but it wasn't easy. None of us was quite ready to get into lessons. That is one of the pleasures of homeschooling though. When the energy levels are low, you can always take a break and regroup. Of course, taking too many breaks can lead to a total lack of motivation and loss of brain cells. I am talking about me of course. I think the fact that Summer break felt like it was only 2 weeks long instead of 2 months had a lot to do with that.  And, we also didn't get out and do much of anything. No trips to the zoos or amusement parks. I spent most of this Summer planning things to do and places to go without ever doing any of them. We did have one great trip to the Aquarium, but that was about it. I need to start doing more of the things I say I am going to do. It is just so hard for me sometimes. I was telling my mother that, my husband and I were invited to go out on his co-workers boat for a couples get together. I was super geeked to go for about 5 minutes and then the gravitational pull of my butt to my couch took over and my interest quickly waned.  My usual excuse is that I am tired. I use this excuse quite often actually. It has kept me from weddings, parties, baby showers, etc... It even keeps me from conducting homeschool the way I want too. I have all these great ideas and fantastic lessons plans, but somewhere between my brain and the actual implementation of those ideas, something goes all wrong. I'll get back to this in a minute..........

I was in a seriously funky mood last week. I think getting pulled down and banging my knee really affected me more than I thought it did. I was upset, that I wasn't healing as fast as I thought I should, that my body hurt as much as it did and that I couldn't move around. I let all that and some other stuff pile up and just start an avalanche of negative energy that took me over. It got so bad that a woman I respect very deeply, send me a message that only had two words in it. She said simply, "GET UP!" Those two little words slapped me awake. I said them over and over to myself and stopped feeling sorry for myself. I got up, worked in my garden and started to feel a little better. I began meditating and praying and counting all of my blessings and I felt even better. I made sure to keep my surroundings clear of clutter and chaos and the negative energy lifted. How grateful I am for that friend and two little words of advice.

Now back to my other situation. We all get into the bad habit of making great plans and never doing them. We start out each year with resolutions that never come to pass. We say we are going to do better, have great intentions and then make excuse after excuse of why it doesn't get done. And then we wonder why our situations stay the same, or why we fall into ruts. It is simply because we haven't applied the GET UP mantra to this part of our lives as well. I got up and felt better, but I didn't keep going and that was my mistake. I needed to implement at least ONE idea that I had. Because guess what? If I don't, I will fall right back into that same funk. Upset that I am not doing any of the things I said I was going to do. So tomorrow, God willing I will do one thing that I said I was going to do and hopefully, Monday I will do another. And, so on and so on. Each day that God gives me, I will thank him for it, and move on an idea that I have had. Even if it is as simple as eating healthier or getting my boys out the house more regularly. I will GET UP and do something. Because I don't want another year to pass me by doing the same old thing and complaining about it. Heck, I don't want another week to go by. I must GET UP and STAY UP! What is the quote? "In order for your situation to change, you must change your situation". Something like that.  But you get the idea.

What do you need to GET UP and change? What's stopping you?

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