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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wildlife in The City

The end of another month. School is out, the weather is hot and today there was a vulture in my backyard. Yep! You read that correctly. There was an actual Turkey Vulture sitting on a cell phone tower outside my back window. Even though, I had never seen one outside of our local zoo, there was no mistaking that huge, black, kinda hump-backed bird. He sat up there at the top of that cell-phone tower surveying the land. It was a bit unnerving. Knowing that this creature with what looked like an 8 foot wingspan, was right there looking for something that had died for him to eat. Recently, we have had an influx of animals that have decided to reclaim their territory. Hawks, Eagles, foxes, Deer,coyotes and now the Vultures have all recently been spotted in my very urban neighborhood. It is really an amazing thing to see. In fact, I have actually seen more "wild" animals in the city than I ever saw on our road trips to the country. All we need are a few cows and horses and I'm all set.

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