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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Too Hot To Cook (or eat)

The super warm temps have come to Chicago. This is always a hard for me as a mom because I never know what to fix for dinner. When I was growing up, this was perfect weather for tuna salad, my grandmother's chicken salad, or, my mom's seafood pasta salad. They would always line the bowl with lettuce and place the salad in the middle. You get a big pile of crackers and a tall glass of lemonade or iced tea and that is all you needed. Perfect warm weather meal. I still make the salads today. The only difference is my sons don't like them. My husband loves those salads, but those boys of mine are another story. I figured that they should be tired of eating so many hot dogs, tacos, hamburgers and grilled cheese sandwiches by now. 

I keep trying to get them to try something new, but they are a stubborn bunch.Since this is the holiday weekend, I plan on cooking everything I can outside on the grill. That way, all I have to do next week is add a side dish or two. But, in my house even that can be difficult. They don't like potato salad or egg salad(not a fav of mine either) and only some of boys eat cole slaw. Maybe they would try a nice cold spaghetti salad. (Probably not). Feel my pain?

Do you have any favorite,quick, go to recipes that you pull out on those superhot "refuse to turn on the oven" days?

PLEASE! share them in the comments.
Stay Cool.

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