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Monday, April 23, 2012

Passing it on

Goodness, this year is just flying by! April is almost over. It makes me feel weird inside like I have to hurry up and do stuff. The swiftly passing months and years, feel me with a sense of urgency to not waste time on trivial things. I have to remember what's important and what isn't. Family is always important to me. So is creating and having those experiences that they will hold on to a lifetime. One such recent moment was when I took my sons with me to the food pantry where I do volunteer work. I could imagine them asking me a million times when we were going home. To my surprise, they never did that. They got right to work, helping me with the bags filled with meat, fruit and vegetables. They watched as the numbers were called and person after person came up to receive their food. It was the busiest day the food pantry had seen in a long time. We gave out almost 400 bags! We emptied out every shelf, refrigerator and freezer in the pantry that day. Some of the last bags hardly had anything in them, but the people were still grateful to receive them.

We finished up our work and began our walk back home. My 9 year old son, MJ looked up at me and said, "That is the kind of work I want to do all the time." He went on the say, "I will never take my food for granted again".

 To hear my son say that he was blessed to have the food he does everyday,warmed my heart. I am not sure who got more out of working at the pantry that day, but I was really glad to share that experience with my little guys. I'm not really even sure if that experience will stay with him, but I certainly won't ever forget.


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