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Thursday, January 26, 2012

You Gotta Know When To Hold Em'

My little guy, Ky stayed home from school today. He was half-way complaining of a sore throat and is a little stuffy, but it really wasn't anything that he would have needed to stay home for. I let him stay home because, he looked like he needed a day. I could have sent him, especially since they are out of school tomorrow. But, I realized that he just wanted to have some quiet time. And he definitely wouldn't get that tomorrow when everyone is home. I took the regular "could be coming down with a cold" precautions. I checked his throat,(normal) took his temp,(normal) made him some toast and tea and let him chill out on the couch with a big fluffy blanket and my pillow. I really thought my 9 year old would ask to stay home too, but he was eager to go. I suspect this has to do with the fact that today was "Jeans Day" and he wouldn't have to wear his uniform and he has discovered girls!. I initially thought that being out of uniform would be an incentive for Ky to go to school. Nope. He was intent on having a day home. I went to check on him a little while ago and there he was, happily in his pajamas, sipping his tea and watching a cartoon. I remember needing a day away from the chaos, when I was in school. Unfortunately, nowadays their chaos is starting in kindergarten. So many young kids exposed to too much, too early, and bringing all of that nonsense to school. Not a day goes by when my boys don't come home upset about how much bad language their classmates are using in school, or how violent they are. Something really needs to be done and I have some ideas, but that will be a whole blog post in itself. In the meantime, my house is quiet. I don't hear any arguing over what shows to watch, no one upset about who drank the last of the juice. It's just him, watching his favorite shows without interruptions. And me,looking at him wondering where the time has gone and wishing I could take the chaos away from all of my boys. But, if this one day is what is needed to help him get through the rest of school year, then so be it. Everybody needs a day away from the rat race from time to time. Even kids.


  1. Joce, through all of the drama of high school did you ever expect to be the quintessential mommy and stay at home :-o 2nd millenium wife? Maybe you did. That was me whod wasn't hearing it.

    1. Well, I was the President of the Future Homemakers of America! :)