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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Things my Kids Eat

As you may know, I have four sons. They all have very unique tastes in food.  For instance, my teenage son doesn't eat any fruits or vegetables and my youngest son doesn't eat red meat or seafood. (his choice) My oldest son, puts hot sauce on everything and my 3rd son is pretty flexible, but refuses to eat mushrooms, cabbage, greens or beans. I decided to share with you some of their quirky recipes, they have created for themselves. You may or may not want to try these at home.

The Heart Stopper Breakfast:
This is a meal that my oldest son, D. makes on special occasion.  It consists of, 2 pancakes the size of a 10 inch plate, 2 or 3 scrambled eggs w/cheese, either turkey bacon, turkey links(or patties) or smoked sausage and grits. He puts one pancake on the bottom, the eggs and breakfast meat go in between, 2nd pancake on next with the grits on top. Mind you, he THEN adds syrup! I can feel my arteries hardening as I type this. Can you believe he is the one that continuously complains about not being to gain weight? I gain weight watching him make it!

Next up, is the Turkey Hot dog and what ever noodles are in the house meal. The one was also started by my oldest son and adopted by my teen.

This one is pretty simple. You take cooked Ramen Noodles (flavor packet included) or boxed Mac and Cheese (any brand will do) and add cooked and sliced turkey hotdogs to it. I don't quite understand this one and I don't dare eat it.

My teen has an aversion to Miracle Whip and most other condiment. So, he only takes dry sandwiches to lunch. His favorite is Turkey Pastrami and Provolone on a croissant. I wondered how he was eating these sandwiched dry, but he finally told me that he was microwaving them to melt the cheese. Not too weird. This same teen also, always drinks milk with his candy bars. he also never wants anything on his burgers but cheese. We stopped buying outside burgers because they would always make a mistake and put some time of ketchup, mayo or the DREADED lettuce on it and then he just couldn't bare to eat it.

My 9 year old doesn't really eat anything that I find odd.

Now, that youngest one is a different story. He has a whole different way of eating. I told you that he doesn't like meat or seafood. He only eats turkey hotdogs, never eats meat on a sandwich, but he will eat ground turkey in a taco and says that fish are too peaceful to eat.

Can you tell how wonderful dinnertime is at my house? Luckily, they all love pizza, spaghetti (as long as there aren't any mushrooms or pieces of tomatoes showing), macaroni, turkey tacos (minus everything but cheese) and fried chicken. (legs only for the youngest)

Do your children (or you) have any funny eating habits? Post them in the comments below.

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