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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gone Too Soon

October 2nd is always a hard day for me. It is the day my only daughter, Camara Sabreen should have been celebrating her 12th birthday. She died at the too early age of 7 weeks. She contracted Group B strep meningitis at 3 weeks and spent the last remaining 4 weeks of her life in a coma. It broke my heart to have to let her go. No parent should ever have to bury a child. It is a wound that never closes no matter how much time passes. I have asked myself so many times throughout the years why she couldn't stay. That is a question that I may never know the answer to. I often wonder if I will ever get to see her again. I sometimes dream that one day she will be placed back in my arms where I will hold her, smell her sweet baby smell and  never let her go. Her little heart stopped beating in my arms on a cold November day, a little of my heart also stopped beating that day. It was a pain like no other and I wondered how I could possibly survive it. But I was given the strength to keep moving and going even when I didn't want to. That strength was in the form of two little boys who still needed their mom. They needed to know that I was still there for them. That we could survive this tragic loss in all of our lives. Survive we did, but forget we did not.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl, until we meet again.

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