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Friday, October 7, 2011

Interview with Rising Star, Dakota Goyo from Real Steel

 I, along with11 other great bloggers got the awesome chance to have a phone interview with the young actor, Dakota Goyo from DreamWork's Real Steel. I am sure you have all heard of this movie by now. And if you haven't, where have you been?! As much as I enjoyed watching this talented young man on the screen, I also thoroughly enjoyed listening to him answer the questions that I and the other ladies on the call had the opportunity to ask him.

We asked him various questions ranging from whether he liked playing video games to how he enjoyed working with Hugh Jackman. Dakota was such a gracious person and thoughtfully answered every question. I wasn' t aware before this interview that Dakota has been in the acting business since the age of 5 and has done extensive voice work. He voices characters on PBS' Super Why and Arthur to name a few.

He shared that he liked to play video games.(his fav at the moment is UFC Undisputed) He enjoys playing sports and hanging out with his friends. When I asked him how his friends treat him after he finished the movie he said, "He doesn't mix his regular life and his professional life". He went on to explain that,this way he knows that his friends are his friends not because of what he does for a living but because they accept him for who he is. (Which seems like a pretty nice kid to me!) He told us that his favorite subject in school is Science, aside from the fun subjects like Gym and Art. 

 Dakota brings a lot of real emotion and feeling into his character, Max. He said that he is able to achieve and feel those emotions by using imaging and meditation.

When asked if it was more exciting working with Hugh Jackman or the Robots, Dakota replied that it was too hard to choose between them because he loved working with both Hugh and the robots. In the movie, you get to see the relationship between Charlie(Hugh Jackman) and Max( Dakota Goyo) really evolve and become quite close. I am sure that is attributed to fact that they spent a lot of time together on set. His scheduled shoot time was a 9 1/2 a day for 72 days.(weekends off) This also included time spent doing homework faxed over to his on set tutor from his regular teacher to help him keep up with his studies. 

But it wasn't all work for this young guy. Dakota said that Hugh Jackman was a prankster on the set, but that he was able to get him back! All in all, it was great experience to listen to how this bright young man handles the hectic pace and rigors of stardom. It was also a joy to know that he is a down to earth intelligent, happy, well rounded young man. Keep up the good work Dakota! 

Don't forget! DreamWork's Real Steel opens up today, October 7th in a theater near you!

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