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Monday, August 29, 2011

Thai Kitchen Party!

Yesterday, I had the most wonderful opportunity to host a Thai Kitchen Party through, They sent me a large box full of great stir-fry sauces, coconut milk, curry pastes, and too many sauces to mention. They also sent along Thai Kichen "chip clips" and coupons for my guests. All I had to do was invite some people over and use the products they sent along with whatever I wanted to add. Well, after having to postpone my party twice due to a family illness and scheduling problems, we finally had the party. The food turned out wonderfully! I made two kinds of stir-fry, chicken and beef skewers and some grilled chicken wings marinated with Sweet red chili sauce. My brother made some pad-thai, lettuce wraps and as usual he put his signature "Salik spin" on a dish that turned out to be the hit of the evening. He made a BBQ Thai chicken pizza! After one bite, I was trying to think of how I was gonna get a loan from the bank so I could open a restaurant and sell them. They were just that good! Everyone left happy and full of good food. But, then again I can't think of a time when we had a party that we didn't leave full of good food and happy. I was so grateful to be able to share the day with my Mother, 2 of my aunts, brother and my sister, Maya. I think it was the first time that I had both of my nieces and my nephew together with my boys. And, I am also thankful that I was chosen to host this Thai Kitchen party because now I have many more great recipes to add to my repertoire. Dinner just got less monotonous in the Dorsey household. If you are interesting in hosting your own party, check out They always have a lot of cool parties to sign up for. Try it, you just might LOVE it!

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