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Thursday, July 24, 2014

New and Improved

 I titled this blog post, "New and Improved" because I believe that since my last post I,personally have become new and improved. In just a few months, my thought processes have changed, my outlook on my future has gotten better. (although I still sink at times) And, I just feel so optimistic right now. Here's a few reasons why. 

 Lots of good things have been happening since I last posted. My husband,brother and I threw my mother  a huge surprise 75th birthday party. We invited friends and family and it was a really beautiful event.  My teenaged son when on his prom, had his final Orchestra concert and graduated from high school. Somehow, I managed not to cry during any of these ceremonies, but it wasn't easy. One day after my son graduated, I celebrated my birthday. It wasn't so much a celebration as it was waking up, fixing breakfast for my sons, doing some chores and going to a meeting. My husband did get me a beautiful cake. I realized this year, that although cakes are pretty and smell wonderful, I really don't like cake. (Sshhh, don't tell my brother!) Two days after my birthday, I embarked on a pretty cool project. I got the opportunity to work as a Production Asst. on a movie.The movie is called 72 Hours and will be released in 2015.  Actually, I did two jobs on the movie. Along with the P.A. work,  I was in charge of craft services. I made sure the cast and crew had food and drinks throughout the day. It was a great cast and crew to work with. The director, Christopher Nolen is an amazing person. I met so many awesome people and I learned a ton of stuff. The work was challenging. It even got frustrating at times, but the experience was unforgettable. I think I learned a lot about myself as well. 

After that project was over, I had to take a few weeks to think. I needed to figure out what I really wanted to do with my future. I have known forever that I wanted to work in the television and movie industry, but I wasn't sure where I fit in. I am still not really sure. But, I knew I couldn't just be stagnant. So, I set out on a personal journey to see if I could help myself figure it out. I decided to go to Atlanta to take a 2-day intensive acting workshop.The class is taught by actress, Tasha Smith. She runs a no-holds barred, tell it like it is class.  I had been wanting to go for a few years,but was never able to go. This time, I was determined. I learned a monologue, put my fears behind me and went. I am so glad I did. It was very educational. I came away with more confidence and the feeling that maybe I can do this. 

Since being back home, I have gone back to work as a background extra on the show, Chicago Fire. This is our 3rd season and I feel so blessed to be a part of such a great show. The hardest part about my job is that it always leaves me wanting more. I want a script in my hands, learning lines! I want to be an integral part of a show. I had a taste of that working on 72 Hours. But, it somehow always seems like I am just on the very outside looking in. I can say however, that in the past 12 months, I have had some incredible opportunities, and met some dynamic people. I pray that this continues and that there are even bigger things for me on the horizon. I leave myself open to all positive possibilities because I believe that dreams can come true. I just have to be patient. In class, Tasha Smith reminded us that if we stay focused on our goals and stick with it, our "due season" will come. That hope is what gets me through those rough days when I feel like it will never happen for me. 

In the mean time, I will keep dreaming, keep learning and keep trying to be become the best "me" I can be. 

Oh, by the way. My husband and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary yesterday! Actually, he was at work all day and I was at home washing clothes, planning dinner and taking our sons to and from Summer Camp. But, it was still a beautiful day! 

Peace and Love

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