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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Big "C" Strikes Again

It seems like every time I turn around, someone I know is dealing with cancer. Maybe I am just more in tune to it since my father passed away from Leukemia in November, and I lost my sister in law and a good family friend as well a short time ago. It just seems to be everywhere. It comes in like a thief in the night and flips every aspect of a person's life upside down. It's scary because it changes things. The physical, the spiritual and the mental. Personally, It forces me to go inward into my own thoughts of mortality. Even though I am not the one that is ill. I realize that at any given moment, I could be.

My brother in law was recently diagnosed with two (possibly three) different kinds of cancer. By the time they discovered it, it was already Stage 4. He just turned 40 years old a little over a month ago. I am sad and angry and it feels like I am drowning in the tears I am trying to hold in. I am tired of being the strong one. But, I have to be. My brother in law needs me and my husband both to be strong for him, because he is trying so hard to be strong, but his body won't let him.

How cruel cancer is. Striking without warning or provocation. Invading your personal space and rearranging your life for its own sick pleasure. The quote, "Everything happens for a reason", doesn't seem to apply here. Cancer doesn't happen for a reason. Except for maybe keeping the balance between good and evil. Well, lately it seems that evil is running rampant. I think it is time for good to catch up and overtake the monster called cancer.

Besides my brother in law, I know two other people dealing with cancer right now. And if you ask ANYBODY if they know someone with it, they will 99.9% of the time say, yes. This frustrates me because this is another one of those situations that I can do absolutely nothing about. I can't take it away, I can't make it feel better. Frustrating.

I can let them know how much I love them, I can try and be a comfort, I can pray. I just wish I could do more. Most of all, I just wish cancer didn't exist.

Peace and Blessings

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