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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chips, Chips, and more Chips!

Today I got a lovely box in the mail today! It was a box filled with chips! But not just any chips, Frito-lay chips! A little over a month ago I got an email from the great folks at Frito-Lay asking if I would like to receive a box of their snacks to try as part of the Frito-Lay Fan Program. Uhhh? Hmmm? let me think about that for a minute, YES!!! I love chips! It is actually one of my favorite snacks. In fact, my whole family loves chips so much that at any given moment we have at least 3 different kinds on tap. We usually have the ones I call "kiddie flavors" but today's haul was 3 full sized bags of "my kind" of chips. I received Sun-Chips(Garden Salsa), Tostitos(Hint of Lime) and the one that started it all I presume, The Classic Lay's. I appreciate that these products are made with all natural ingredients and they taste great too. I have never had the chance to try the Garden Salsa Sun-Chips before and I am looking forward to trying them, as I am already a big fan of the other flavors. My boys were quite excited about the arrival of the chips and were ready to tear into the bags. Luckily, they came in a handy tote bag that I quickly scooped up and put away until I am ready to share them. They will be the perfect snacks for our upcoming weekly movie and game night. I would save them for New year's Eve, but I am only kidding myself.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you people at Frito-lay. You have made this mommy(and her boys) very happy!

Here are some facts that the folks from Frito-Lay sent along to let you know more about their products.

  • Many of our chips are made with three simple ingredients: potatoes or corn, oil and salt.
  • We use all-natural oils, such as corn and sunflower oils, so our chips have 0 grams trans fat.
  • Most of our chips contain less salt than you think!  A 1-oz serving of Lay’s® Classic potato chips has about the same amount of sodium as a slice of white bread.
  • We offer a Lightly Salted line of chips -- available in Lay’s® potato chips and Fritos® corn chips, which contain 50 percent less sodium than their regular counterparts.
  • All Lay’s® Classic potato chips, SunChips® multigrain snacks and Tostitos® tortilla chips are made with all natural ingredients, meaning they don’t contain any artificial flavors, artificial preservatives or MSG.
  • Many varieties of Tostitos® tortilla chips contain 8 grams of whole grain corn per serving, and SunChips ® multigrain snacks have 18 grams of whole grain and 2 grams fiber per serving.
  • Frito-Lay supports American farmers and buys the potatoes we use to make potato chips from 80+ farms across 27 states.
  • We use technologies that create renewable energy, such as solar panels and biomass boilers, in some of our manufacturing plants. 
  • Frito-Lay has the largest private, all-electric fleet of delivery trucks in the U.S.
  • All Frito-Lay manufacturing plants are taking measures to divert at least 99 percent of waste from landfills. One way we’re doing this is by reusing our shipping cartons up to six times before recycling them, helping reduce cardboard waste. 

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