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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Traditions Old

The holiday season is here! I was going to say fast approaching but Christmas trees and decorations have been in the stores since October. I think it really takes away from the whole thing. I remember when I was a kid, we put up our tree and lights on Christmas eve. It was always so much fun pulling out the box of ornaments from the basement and seeing what had survived from the year before. We would carefully unwrap them and reminisce for a moment and place them on the tree. My brother and I would start laughing about something and the night would be so nice. We would turn off all of the lights in the living room and the room would have a wonderful multi-colored glow from the tiny shimmering lights in the tree and window. I would lay on the floor and sing my favorite Christmas carols and breathe in the smells of the food my mother was preparing for Christmas day. Later we would go off to bed and try to sleep. We never got more than about three or four hours. We would be so excited about what presents we might find under the tree. My brother and I would make our way downstairs and gasp in astonishment at all the gifts. We would find our gifts and tear open the paper and giggle with happiness. Sometimes our extremely tired mom would join us and make sure we were pleased with our gifts. We always were.

The next morning we would go over to our cousin's and neighbors houses who lived by across the yard and see what they got. We would compare our gifts and decide what we would play with first. I remember just being so happy my face would hurt. After the morning's excitement, we would all get dressed and travel to my grandmother's or aunt's house and have a huge dinner. Then, there would be more presents to open. The night would end with everyone making a plate to take home and finding a bag big enough to hold all the gifts. Back home, I would get into my pajamas, take a look back at my gifts still under the tree and sleep like a baby. Those were happy times for me.

What are some of the traditions you remember from your childhood? Do you still practice them today? Comment below

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