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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another Year of Homeschooling

I have to honest. I really have mixed emotions about homeschooling for another year. I know it is the best situations for my boys education wise, but it is seriously a labor of love. I say that because, it can be very difficult and stressful to spend almost every single waking moment with your children. I realized that I have had constant contact with my children for the past nine years. Please don't get me wrong, I feel extremely blessed to have been able to be with them, but the downside is that I have had little to none rejuvenating "me time". My husband and I discussed it and we figured we would put them back in school this year. I wanted to experience a few hours daily without the boys. I figured I would take a class, go grocery shopping, take walks, take a nap, fix dinner, read a book, ANYTHING other than what I have been doing. So, we filled out applications and sent them in and waited. What I didn't expect was that part of me actually hoped they WOULDN'T get in. I wondered if I was being selfish to send them back to a school system that I pulled them out in the first place just so I could have some "free time". I weighed the pros and cons, talked to my husband and finally decided that we would put it in God's hands. If they were accepted they would go, but my heart my aching all the while. Well as it turned out, they didn't get accepted back in the schools we applied to. Actually our youngest did get accepted, but our other son didn't. We knew we weren't going to split them up, so I will be homeschooling again the fall. I think it will be great school year. It has been a blessing watching them learn and grow. We have fun signing on to to do the morning lessons. My 1st grader even has started challenging himself  by doing the 3rd grade assignments. My 3rd grader checking out the 5th grade work and studying black holes and solar systems because he is interested in it. We read stories about the Roman Empire and Greek Mythology. African folktales, math,spelling and handwriting all have their time too. Their conversations are something you might hear from much older children. They sound like their own little debate team. We watch birds and study geography. We do science experiments(thanks to my husband) and take walks identifying the flowers and trees in the neighborhood. How could I ever give that up? The chance to watch my boys not only grow, but become young men that can succeed in this crazy world. Free time is still important. I need that time to clear my head so that I can be a better learning coach to my boys. But, I don't have to sacrifice this wonderful opportunity to do it. So, maybe they will go to day camp this summer so I can have a moment and so they can have the opportunity to spend a few hours learning to swim  or doing gymnastics and being with other kids. That way we both get something out of it and we will be ready and willing to get back to work in the fall. So, another year of homeschooling is looking pretty far. :)

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