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Monday, November 30, 2015

What's Jocelyn Watching?

Seriously? Almost 2 months has passed since I last posted? WOW! Well, I have been pretty busy with my new grandson. That's right, I am a grandma! 
Anyway, I have been watching lots of movies lately. I had the chance to check out; Tomorrowland, Inside Out, The Peanuts Movie and, I Origin.  All totally different movies, but I enjoyed them all. 

Tomorrowland surprised me. I really thought it was going to be super sweet and sappy and stuff, but that was definitely not the case. Not sure why I thought that but,glad I was wrong. The movie is about some very serious topics and I think that Hugh Laurie delivers an extremely awesome monologue in the movie. It was funny,serious and touching as well.  You know I hate to give anything away , just watch it. This movie is rated PG and is  probably more suited to the 11 and older crowd for some mildly violent situations. 

Next up, Inside Out. 
This movie was great! I watched it with my 11 year old son and we both felt everything the main character, Riley was feeling. This movie took you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions,but left you smiling. The animation is awesome (as usual) and the storyline is clear and straightforward.I can see them doing a sequel for this one. Some of the content might be lost on younger children. But,they will love how colorful the characters are. Recommended for 10 and up. Rated PG
The Peanuts Movie
I thought this movie was wonderful. It was really awesome sharing this new Peanuts movie with characters I have loved forever, with my sons. The makers of this movie did an amazing job finding voice actors for the beloved Peanuts characters. It sounded as if they used the same ones from long ago. The story was classic Peanuts with awesome messages of friendship and perseverance. I even found myself with a bit of a lump in my throat at one point during the movie. But, that's not surprising. Lately,the animated movies have been tugging at my heart strings. It was a pleasure watching a true G rated movie, those are a rarity these days. No sneaky adult jokes in this movie at all. How refreshing! Everybody can see this one, and I hope they do. 
Lastly, I Origin.
I saw a poster for this last year and for some reason, I was attracted to it. I finally watched it the other night and it blew me away. I am not really sure I can describe this movie, except to say that it really spoke to me. I Origins is spiritual in a very non-preachy way. It is strange, weird and magical all in the same breath. The story is not predictable at all. The characters are multi-faceted and open minded and it leads the viewer to follow the same path. I will definitely watch this mildly complex piece of sci-fi again, as I am sure I will get even more out of it, the 2nd time around. This movie is rated R for adult situations and brief nudity. 
Well that's all for now. Keep the popcorn poppin'! 

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