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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

When your children are smarter than you...

I was thinking about the many conversations that I have with my sons and sometimes, I swear they are smarter than me. I mean not in terms of parenting or guiding them on their journey to adulthood. But, academically they know a heck of alot more than me at times. My 11 year old son used the word, "crestfallen" yesterday to describe how he had been feeling earlier in the day. I smiled, said I was glad he was feeling better and quietly "googled" the word, "crestfallen". They do this to me quite often. Their extensive vocabulary has me doing double takes every other day. I must admit, I am spending more time lately brushing up on my vocabulary to keep up with them. Just the other day, I stopped off at a Teacher's store to get them a poster to help them use more descriptive words when they write. I ended up using it to help myself. I won't even get into Math. They may as well be speaking Russian with a Chinese dialect. My teenaged son who is awesome in Math, used to quiz the two younger boys on math questions and I would be just smiling and nodding my head. But mostly I was thinking, "what the heck are they talking about"?  I could jump in on a few of the questions,(the really easy ones) but for the most part, I was on the sidelines. Now the young ones quiz each other. Same thing when it comes to Chess. I never learned how to play it and when they have conversations about it, I am lost.

Bet you're wondering how I homeschool aren't you? Me too.

Language Arts and Literature were always my strong points. I enjoy Science but Math has never been a friend of mine and I am so happy my husband is good at it and willing to teach our two youngest boys.

While writing this blog today, I realized that I don't ever remember helping my teenage son do his homework. As an elementary school student, he never needed my help. And when he went to highschool, I never understood any of his assignments.

Let me stop writing now, I am really starting to feel like my brain is liquefying.I think I need to go read an Encyclopedia or watch Jeopardy or something. Maybe if I start now, I will be ready for, grandchildren. 10 years should be enough time to prepare.........I hope. Maybe 20 years would be better.

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