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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Poetry Project

I have been having a bit of trouble homeschooling lately. When I started, I had all these great ideas about how I wanted this experience to be for my boys aged 8 and 10. I had some really good ideas too. I just seemed to have lost them somewhere in between trying to get them to focus on their reading, handwriting, math and spelling. We all seemed to be in a rut. We were starting to seem like just any other school. Bored kids, lots of lessons and a frustrated teacher. So, this morning I decided to do something different for all of us. Since trying to get them to write is a fight I decided to use magnetic poetry strips for them to create their own poetry. I wasn't sure if they were going to like this. They only seem interested in things pertaining to Legos and Minecraft lately. To my surprise, they jumped right in, and made some poetry. They wanted to make sure that others saw their creations so I am posting them on the blog today. Now, they are back doing their regular lessons and I am in search of new inspiration to help get us through the rest of this school year. If you have any creative ideas to help this frazzled mother, please feel free to comment. It would be greatly appreciated.

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