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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring!! Come On, Already!!

The month of March brings out the worst in me. Well, not the worst but I do get very impatient. The back and forth, back and forth of this weather drives me a bit batty. I really shouldn't complain because we haven't had a bad winter, but I am so ready for warmer temps, flowers and the day when I can throw open these windows and let out all of the stagnant winter air. Don't forget, I am in a house with 5 males and two dogs (also males). So, I am in need of some feminine, flowery smells. And, I don't mean those from the Airwick can. (Just kidding) They don't really smell that bad.

In the past week, we have had a snowstorm that dumped seven inches of heavy snow, a day that brought temps of 55 degrees, a rainstorm and today I awoke to frosted over cars, snow and temps in the low 30's. In all fairness, the snow was all melted by noon, but I just feel so trapped by this cold weather. Last year, we were basking in temps in the 60's and 70's. I could really use those temps right about now. Actually, I would love a month long vacation in a very tropical place. Who am I kidding? A month wouldn't be long enough to satisfy me. What I really need is to win the lottery so I can move to a tropical place for good. I crave a life where I can see the ocean whenever I need to. And I would need to everyday. So, as I sit here looking out at the bare trees, cloudy skies and pull my sweater closer around my chilled body, I am thankful that Spring is coming. Maybe not as soon as I would would want it, but day by day we get closer. In a few weeks, the flowers will bloom, the hard ground will be softened, the birds will build their nests in preparation to lay their eggs, the warm sunshine will replace the gray chill and the cycle will begin again. 

Not giving up my dream of moving someplace warm though. 

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  1. The weather has been absolutely crazy. I really need some sunshine.